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Interview Transcription Rates

American transcription companies that advertise ‘cheap’ transcription services usually devote less time to the process of transcription, skimp on transcription software, employ untrained transcriptionists – and do not deliver accurate transcripts.

Accurate, professional interview transcription cannot be cheap. Transcription is more costly than other office support solutions such as typing services. This is because transcription needs much more than fast typing skills. Professional interview transcription needs specialized transcription software, and it is more time-consuming. Transcriptionists have to understand the audio files they are transcribing to produce accurate transcripts.

Affordable transcription is not the same as ‘cheap’ transcription however. is a renowned American transcription company that delivers cost-effective, accurate interview transcriptions to satisfied clients all over the U.S., as well as in Canada, Australia and the U.K. every day – at competitive prices.

Certain kinds of transcriptions cost more than others. Transcription rates for multiple participant-interview transcripts are slightly higher than for one-to-one interview transcriptions, for example. This is because interview transcription depends heavily on the quality of the recordings, and it is generally harder to get a good quality recording of proceedings involving several people talking at once.

The growing number of transcription companies offering virtual transcription services, and the rising trend among businesses to outsource their transcription needs, mean that transcription rates are becoming more affordable. Online transcription means that sending your recordings to remote transcription companies is no longer a problem. Accuracy is of the utmost importance in all types of interview transcripts – political interview transcripts and police interview transcripts in particular. For affordable (but not cheap), accurate interview transcription services, you would do well to contact
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